Frequently asked questions

How much is it all going to cost?

Translation costs depend on the length of the text, which is calculated by the number of words the original document has in Spanish. The amount can vary slightly depending on the deadline, format, or other exceptional circumstances, which will be agreed upon before accepting the work or my quote.

Interpreting costs will also depend on the length of time you need me for: full-day, half-day, odd hours, extra hours… what do you need?

What’s your turnaround time like?

Again, this depends on the number of words in the text and the level of technical difficulty. The quality of the original text and how well structured it is does feature in here too. A text that has been poorly thought out in the first place can cause misunderstandings which I will have to resolve with the author, prolonging the whole process.

How do i get the document to you?

By email in Word format or similar. Excel, Powerpoint or any other editable programs are also fine.

Snail mail and fax are also options if need be.

I still don’t have the final draft

The quote can be estimated from a draft so you can get some idea of the costs. Perhaps you’re still writing the text, in which case you can also send me the text as you go. If the document is still not ready as arranged and there is a specific deadline you have to meet, contact me as soon as you learn about the delay to make sure I am still available to give your text the attention it deserves.

What if the document is not in a digital format?

The text can still be translated, but there will be a surcharge depending on the length of the document.

I need a translation right now. Can you do that?

Everything’s possible.

Phone me as soon as possible on my mobile and send me the document via email so I can get started right away.

I don’t know if i need an interpreter or a translator

Remember that translation is expressing written words in another language, while interpreting deals with spoken words. See services.

I don’t know what kind of interpreter i need

I need an interpreter but i still don’t know exactly when

Get in touch to tell me what you need and give me some idea of dates so I clear my schedule and start preparing for the event.

Still unsure? Drop me a line

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